We Need It or want It

We all depend on nature for our livelihood ~ food, clothing, shelter, entertainment everything. These are our need. Some of our needs are natural and biological. Some requirements are socially acquired and artificial. The want here is completely different. While unprecedented advances in science and technology have been able to meet a large measure of our needs, they have largely failed to meet the biological needs of countless people on Earth. Want is something that we desire to have. We may or may not be able to obtain. 

The great American thinker Thoreau, who was influenced by Gandhi’s philosophy, also began to live in the forest at once to realize the necessities of life. It is not at all possible to integrate life into stability. This is a philosophical and spiritual question.

We, unhappy people blame the world for not getting what we need. But we also know that the rejoice of survival becomes bitter when we  get all we need. How many people have been remembered creator while by having a wealthy life? On the contrary, the name of the creator can be heard from needy people on the sidewalks. Because, at that moment they need their creator. 

Many times we do things for demand or self-satisfaction rather in need. It is difficult to say whether Haspil, who stole 90,000 dollars from Bangladeshi-origin Fahim Saleh, co-founder of Ride Sharing App, was needed. However, there was no need for Haspil to plan to kill Fahim Saleh in pieces and trying to make his body disappear in order to pay off his personal financial debts. Although he is a website developer by profession, Fahim was also known in the media as a ‘tech millionaire’. The killing of such a talented newcomer is a source of terror and mourning for the new generation. Kevin Bacon Bacon(25) was found murdered and mutilated in Michigan Mark David Latunski’s(50) home on Dec. 28. His naked body was hanging from the rafters by his ankles. It certainly wasn’t Latunsky’s biological need. It was a distorted mental wish to enjoy the scene. He just wanted it to happen. Whatever the case, need and want is a controversial issue everywhere. And we are often wrong in the case of our point of view and wrong to judge.

It’s terribly difficult to be realistic! However, if we can make it, it becomes easier to accept the reality. We cannot be divided. We cannot go one step further from the cruelty of reality. 

The Starry Night’s famous Dutch painter Vincend van Gogh, one of the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art, also shot himself. Influenced by the love story of Behula Lakshindar, many of us we want to drag ourself to a dreamland. Being deceived, we also die. Ordinary people like Van Gogh has ended his lives of his own free will, not necessarily in need.

Tied here. Life is displaced by it’s need, not by compulsion.

We need what is necessary to survive.

Demand comes from what we want which is our desire. So before occupying or doing anything, we need to think about whether we need it or we want it.