Stress is eating me


Stress is eating me inside and out,

I just do not know how to say

Life is a gamble all the way it was

How can i make it go away?

I feel tired while running down

and I don’t know when to  sleep

I lay on bed at night and wonder

Why stress want to run so deep!

Everyone asks what is wrong

Why do I look deemed and sad

Do I tell them stress is eating Me

all I feel is really really bad?

Can anyone see how do I walk

all day long in a daze?

Deep dark tears under my eyes

Pushing me hard to the maze

I wake up every morning

with the feeling of hopeless

Nothing ever goes right and I wonder

why life has to be such a mess

Stress is my one worst enemy

it’s taken over my mind

Life at every single degree

seems to be  color blind.